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Update! Julai 2014

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan semua...

Biz hangers kami berjalan seperti biasa... buat masa ini stock masih banyak... :))

Kami juga sedang dalam proses muat naik beberapa helai baju, so kena tunggu ok?

Jom order!

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HANGER TUDUNG!!! Hot Item!!! Come grab it!!!!

HANGER TUDUNG!!! Hot Item!!! Come grab it!!!!
hanger shawl selendang, hanger klip dan hanger klip buaya

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweet Blouse and Skirt

  • Blouse and skirt set
  • Material from cotton for pink blouses and chiffon with lining for skirts
  • Embroidery and motives for blouses (click pic for larger image)
  • Elastic waist for skirts
RM59 per set including Poslaju delivery.

SBS Pink
Size M - shoulder 16", chest 38" - 40", blouse length 26", waist 34", skirt length 40"
SOLD Size XL - shoulder 17", chest 44" - 46", blouse length 27", waist 38" - 40", skirt length 40" SOLD!

SBS Beige Dot
Size L - shoulder 16", chest 38" - 40", blouse length 24", waist 38", skirt length 40"

SBS Beige Floral
Size M - shoulder 15", chest 38", blouse length 24", waist 34", skirt length 38"

Embroidery motives

Apa tunggu lagi, order la!!!!

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Certified Distributor
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