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HANGER TUDUNG!!! Hot Item!!! Come grab it!!!!

HANGER TUDUNG!!! Hot Item!!! Come grab it!!!!
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Certified Distributor

Certified Distributor
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skaf oh skaf


Klik gambar untuk gambaran yang lebih besar
Material - China Satin Polyester
Saiz - 40 in x 40 in
Harga - RM12 termasuk PosEkpress (tambah RM3 (SM) atau RM6 (SS) untuk Poslaju)

CS01BR, CS02BR, Burberry design

CS03BT, blue colour with tulips design

CS04MGL, grey border, maroon background, leaves design

CS05BP SOLD, CS06BP 1 available, dark blue colour, paisley motifs

CS07RP, red border, stripe satin, paisley motifs

CS08MR SOLD, maroon border, rose flower design

CS09BWK, blue colour, flower and butterfly design

SOLD CS10RRB, rose red color, paisley motifs SOLD

SOLD CS11DBF, dark blue colour, flowery design SOLD

CS12BBY, brown border, yellow flower

CS13PPR SOLD, pink purple border, rose flower design SOLD

SOLD CS14MF, maroon color, flowery design SOLD

CS15GBP, golden brown colour, paisley motifs

CS16GL, green colour, design - lantern, seahorse and dragon

CS17ORL, orangy colour, design - lantern, seahorse and dragon

CS18ROMA, grey colour, Roman building designs with ROMA lettering

CS19DBROMA, dark blue colour, Roman building designs


Harga : RM6 sehelai termasuk PosEkspress (tambah RM2 untuk Poslaju)
Sebab : skaf ini terdapat sedikit 'defect in printing'

CS20BFS, blue border, stripe satin, flowery design

Emel saya untuk order -->> blueandpink05@gmail.com


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